An Illusionary Walk to Stars

Night, galaxy, stars with Empyrean eve, 
And a wondering face,
Under the sky.
Passionate about stars,
Her passion for stars was eternal.

Every time she looks up in the sky,
She would lost in her own world, 
The enormous stars gives her ease,
Her bleak face becomes hopeful,
Her gloomy eyes becomes gleam, 
Her drowsy soul becomes vivific,
Her atrocious life becomes blissful.

She ceaselessly talks to stars,
in her solitary walks.
She loves the twinkling of stars, 
as it seems like they are, 
harkening and pity,
to her every suffering.
In the extreme dark,
the stars gives her the,
biggest light of hope & strength, 
to endure fearlessly.

Suddenly she felt a hasty jolt,
of harsh realities, 
And comes out of her illusionary world, 
It was just an illusion she whispered,
And wishes if she could stay there,
with stars forever and ever.
                                      ~Tamanna Sheikh

Gloomy soul

She was quite, 
but her thoughts were too loud.
She was in deep torment,
but her face looks gleeful.
She was free,
but her soul feels trapped.

She wasn't alone,
but still feels lonely.
She was glum,
but still seems glee.
She was crestfallen,
But still feels exuberant.
She was in woeful life,
but still satisfied.

She no longer bother,
about anything but the only,
anguish in her heart was that,
She understands everyone,
but no one understands her.

                              ~ Tamanna Sheikh


She loves the rain of monsoon b'coz,
She hopes that every drop of rain,
will drain her pain to regain.

She loves the flowers of spring b'coz,
She hopes that these blossoming flowers,
will soak all her scourge.

She loves the blanched bracts of autumn b'coz,
She hopes that like these blanched bracts,
her affliction will fade away too.

She loves the snow of winter b'coz,
She hopes that like snow covers the,
ambient with its white blanket,
it will cover her agony too.

                                ~Tamanna Sheikh